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The English Corner held in Tuo Ketuo NO.1 Middle School
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The English Corner held in Tuo Ketuo NO.1 Middle School

In order to increase the students' English learning interest and improve their oral English, our school held the opening ceremony of English corner on December 20, 2018.


Our headmaster, Wang Zhangang, party secretary, Zhang Hua, director, Cheng Jingping and all the English tearchers came to support it, which ended in a satisfactory way. All the students who took part in it were very optimistic, confident and happy and gained a lot from this meaningful experience. Thus all the leaders and teachers spoke highly of this activity. 


Relying on the "English corner" platform, our school aims to promote the construction of the learning atmosphere, enrich the cultural life on campus, expand the influence of English practical use in our daily life, and highlight the importance of English learning. In this activity, through rich and various forms, such as learning English pronunciation, singing English songs, performing English drama, playing some games about English, giving English speech or elocnte, and preparing some topic in advance, we can easily improve the students' learning interest and practical English communication skills. 


By witnessing the great success of the opening ceremony of English corner, we can definitely make sure that the English Corner activity will be of great benefit to every student . This is a wonderful beginning. From now on, we will continue to bring English Corner into the campus to provide an interactive communication platform for our English lovers.

组织:教科室 外语组



The English Corner held in Tuo Ketuo NO.1 Middle School
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